wunderIT,  is focused on providing network automation solutions that drive automated configuration, change and security compliance across your network. We work closely with your IT staff to help identify tasks, processes and Methods of Procedures (MOPs) which could be automated thus increasing the organizational agility while reducing delays and human error.

Our goal is simple, we want to help you reduce manual inefficiencies and operations costs while allowing your IT staff more time to focus on being proactive.

We will help integrate DevOps tools and practices within your network team as well as leverage tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet and Python scripting to achieve our goal. Integrating these tools with RESTful APIs, Yang, Netconf as well traditional CLI-scraping or SNMP from any number of network operating systems such as Cisco IOS and NX-OS, Juniper Junos or NetScaler and A10 LBs

Often we are able to provide a jump start to your staff who haven't had the time yet to focus on future state. Everyone seems to have ideas and plans for automation but the need to constantly be reactive often prevents them from being able to focus enough time to get there. Simply put, wunderIT will help you get more done with less.

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Network Automation with Python and Ansible

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